Juanita La Poetisa

Juanita La Poetisa she works as a tour guide during Andalucia of Spain, who she is of. Since studied English in Hove, she write the poems for improving her. Also, she like the cat and the horse.


I am wear the jumper of my teacher

It smell of England

the rain and the beer

and the Lewes Arm Pub

and the sheepsies it have been made about

I am wear the jumper of my teacher

Is soft like the voice

and the beard on the face

of the intelligent and punctual man

who have been done to teach me English

I am wear the jumper of my teacher

It have reminding me of the colour of the hills

and the trees

and the river

and the most growing on the castle

by the Lewes Arm Pub

where we did go for brown beer

on way to the airport

Sevilla is hot

I’m have no need of jumpersies

Also is reminding me of the crazy wive

coming into the pub with the shouting

when always they did say

the English is not the passionate peoples

like she

It is very quiet

in the English car

I am wear the jumper of my teacher

also remind me of the cold airport

and when him giving me his woolly

before I fly

and he return to the crazy wive

when he have finish me

to learn these incredible language

© Juanita La Poetisa

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