Elizabeth C. Worder

Elizabeth C. Worder has no nationality. She sees herself as both a survivor and a healer. And also a poet.

For complex reasons she was unable to secure a conventional ‘education’ but is today the holder of many certificates and diplomas in Creative Writing, Dance, Developed Drama, Mime, Photography, Healing, Dressage and Bassoon.

Though technically single, she is spiritually married to History – where many of her previous lives occurred.

In her present life she has worked as an art gallery manager, tour guide, creative writing group facilitator and English language teacher (with all the problems that that brought). She no longer works, refusing to compromise with society’s demands.

In her poetry she hopes to confront and liberate inner truths and voices.

On the Scala at Ravello

If I should fall

let it be not a slip

or a stumble

let it be a great thing

like a symphony

If I should fall

let it not be

an accident

but Art

If I should fall

the entire half kilometre

from your highest

to your lowest point

and find myself

all broken

and dead

at Ravello

Then ask this question:

How did I get round the bends?

© Elizabeth C. Worder

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